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tv   The Early Show  CBS  June 30, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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double trouble. texas braces for the wrath of hurricane alex as 12-foot waves shut down clean-up operations in the gulf. market worries. the dow tumbles more than 260 points as major indices fall to the lowest levels of the year. so what's happening to wall street? we'll take you live to the stock exchange for some answers. new chapter. elizabeth edwards opens up about her life without john. her ongoing battle with cancer and her plans for the future. and calling it quits. after a record run, legendary talk show host larry king
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decides to hang up his suspenders "early" this wednesday morning, june 30, suspenders "early" this wednesday morning, june 30, 2010. captioning funded by cbs beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful breeze came in early this morning. kind of cooled things down. good morning, i'm harry smith. >> and i'm erica hill. you would know about that early this morning because you didn't get home until 2:00 a.m.? >> yes, serious weather in the southeast. serious weather to talk about in the news, too. >> week talk about that. nice to have you back here. also we'll talk about larry king as he announced he's hanging up those signature suspenders. we'll take a closer look at what that means for him. cbs got the first reaction after he left his show. as harry mentioned, there is a lot of weather to get to. we'll begin with hurricane alex. all eyes on the category 1 storm
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as it churns toward the texas coastline. dave price is standing by with the latest on that. good morning. >> we have the location for you. currently the storm is 235 miles southeast of brownsville with a forward direction to the west-northwest at about 7 miles per hour. we've highlighted where it is right now. you can see that area of extreme low pressure beginning to rotate. here we are at this point early this morning, 5:00 a.m., which is when we got our last readings. now it will move forward and to the north and to the west. now, keep in mind, we anticipate this making landfall sometime between 6:00 and, let's say, 9:00, 10:00 tonight, depends on how much forward speed this thing has. believe it or not it stalled over the warm water. . could come ashore as a weak category 2 or strong category 1. extends 200 miles from the storm's eye, the storm's center. keep in mind, places like brownsville could really get walloped as we head into
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tonight. more in a little while, but harry and erica, back to you. residents and tourists alike are getting ready for alex to hit the texas coast. for more on that let's go to don teague on south padre island. >> reporter: it's supposed to be a vacation week on south padre island. but with alex churning its way toward landfall, tourists are heading home. >> we came here and now mother nature is kicking us out. >> pretty much got to get out of here. hey, we have to pack up and move. >> reporter: alex isn't expected to make landfall until later tonight. but many businesses and homeowners along the south texas coast have already boarded up. >> we're just preparing. doing the sandbags, making sure everything is safe inside. and then we're going to go our separate ways and fix our own houses. >> reporter: as state, federal and relief agencies here in texas get ready for the first june hurricane since 1995. >> we're also preparing for possibility of flooding or other
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types of evacuations that normally we wouldn't deal with this time of year. >> reporter: well, here on south padre island, the memories are vivid of hurricane dolly that hit here in 2008. that storm caused about $1 billion damage. they are hoping the storm continues going south and misses them this time. even so, they're expecting a tremendous amount of rain, up to 11 inches in some areas. harry? >> don teague live for us on south padre. appreciate it. hurricane alex may not hit the other side of the gulf but it will definitely have an impact on the oil clean-up. for that let's go to cbs news correspondent mark strassmann once again in grand isle, louisiana. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. just as everyone else in the gulf coast, people here are really tracking alex and wondering and worrying, what it means for them and all that oil. later today louisiana's coast could be in for double trouble.
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more oil and the outer edge of alex. >> y'all have been hit with katrina, gustav and now a bp spill. >> reporter: vice president biden told residents the white house realizes what's at stake with this spill. >> it's about families. it's about entire tradition and culture. >> reporter: but again today, heavy winds and high surf will likely dock many response boat, just as new oil men as the coast. mark macvicar also worries about a different threat. >> if i lose my job, i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: his company loads and unloads supply boats that service deep water drilling rigs. the industry is shut down, skiddish the white house will reimpose a moratorium while a safety review is under way in the gulf. >> with this mother toratorium, don't know when we'll get that call and say, we don't need you anymore. >> reporter: bp has set up a compensation fund of $100 million for deep water drilling
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but this industry could lose as much as $330 million a month in wages with 120,000 jobs on the line. bp critics charge that fund need to grow. >> $100 million won't get you anywhere. they'll cut and run as quickly as they can and pry to preserve their capital, if they can. >> reporter: for the last couple of days we've seen streamers of new oil lurking offshore. spotters will be out to see how much of that oil has made landfall pushed ashore by alex's winds. >> mark strassmann in grand isle, louisiana, this morning, thanks. nervous investors worried this morning it could be another down day on wall street after the dow plunged 268 points yesterday, hitting an eight-month low. joining us from the new york stock exchange, cbs news business and economics correspondent, rebecca jarvis. things seemed to be picking up. what caused this drop yesterday? >> reporter: the bottom line is
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that investors, economists, analysts, everybody in had country wants to see a faster economic rebound, not just faster but stronger. what we've seen in the last couple of weeks are weak housing numbers, weak jobs numbers, and as of yesterday a weak consumer confidence number. it's not just important to our psyche but also important to how we spend. our spending is important to the economy's recovery because it accounts for 7 0% of the overall economy. >> and it's not just here in the u.s. that what's happening is that could be eroding consumer confidence because the global financial fears are picking up as well with all the riots in spain and greece and problems overseas, correct? >> reporter: when investors -- when wall street sees these kinds of riots in the streets of spain and greece, it sends uncertainty, a level of nervousness through the system. in part it's because what's happening in those countries right now as a result of
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governments having to cut back on spending. something we know we'll have to do here at home as well. >> there's also -- there are more numbers coming out on friday, the june jobs report. not a lot of optimism for it. >> reporter: there isn't a lot of optimism. what we could see out of that june jobs report is the first e decrease in the numbers created for the month of union. analysts predict 100,000 jobs lost, that's significant not just to the overall economy as far as our picture goes as an economy but it's also important and significant to the market because what we want to see as a market is growth. when we don't get it, investors are unhappy with it. >> as you said, there's that trickle down effect and hits consumer confidence. rebecca jarvis at the new york stock exchange. now to capitol hill and the battle over the supreme court nomination of elena kagan. she'll be back before the senate judiciary committee again today for her third and likely last day of questioning.
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cbs news chief legal correspondent jan crawford is on capitol hill with the latest. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. republicans have been aggressive. they know the high stakes. elena kagan is 50 years old. if she's confirmed, she'd serve on this court a generation or pore, deciding cases that have an enormous impact on all of our lives. from the beginning, republicans were on the attack. >> i'm just a little taken aback by the tone of your remarks because it's unconnected to reality. >> reporter: even some democrats seemed testy. >> if you don't want to characterize, i want to ask my next question. >> reporter: and committee members clashed among themselves. >> let me ask my questions the way i want to. >> ask your question. >> i will. i'm going to be fair. >> reporter: but kagan was blunt and didn't hide her background. >> i've been a democrat all my life. i've worked for two democratic presidents. and those are -- you know, that's -- that's what my political views are. >> reporter: and while the day was dominated by tough
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questions, there were moments of lefty. >> now, i want to just have a heart-to-heart talk with you, if i might. i come at the subject -- >> just you and me. >> just you and me and nobody else. >> don't anybody in the room listen. >> do you agree with the characterization by some of my colleagues that the current court is too activist in supporting the position of corporations and big business? >> senator, i would not want to characterize the current court in any way. i hope one day to join it. >> and they said you're not political, right? >> reporter: on one point, both sides agreed. >> you showed an admirable sense of humor. >> reporter: now, she'll be back in the hot seat again for another full day of questions. if she survives this day, she'll be well on her way to being the nation's 112th justice. harry? >> let me ask you this question.
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these judicial nominees famously don't say much, they play their cards very close to the vest during these hearings. but ms. kagan said some years ago they should be more forthcoming. has she been forthcoming? >> reporter: not always, harry. she really put herself in a box with that. she called these hearings a charade. on some things yesterday she said she was blunt. she supported cameras in the courtroom, supported the military's don't ask, don't tell policy but she never said she agreed with the supreme court on certain issues, never showed her cards so she really did that dance we've seen from nominees year after year after year after year up here. >> finally, this morning with this last day, or at least theet reticily the last day of hearings, are there any potential difficult shoals she might have to get through? >> reporter: absolutely. they're going to go back on some of those hard issues she was facing yesterday, her opposition to tom military recruiting at harvard law school, her reviews on social issues like guns and
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abortion. they'll really press her today, republicans, who sit on this side of the aisle, on all of those issues. so, if she survives this, like i said, and it's not going to be easy, she'll get there. but, you know, it's going to be a long day for her. >> we'll be listening and watching. jan crawford, thank you so much. appreciate it. cbs news national correspondent, right? and the big guy on the weekend, too. >> yes, for the evening news. >> does a lot -- >> jeff glor. >> including hanging out with us on the fuse desk. jeff glor hanging out with us. >> saturday evening, yes, sunday is excellent with russ, but -- >> try monday through friday, too. >> fantastic, all of it wonderful. good morning, everyone. i got in trouble there. a strong earth wake rocks southern mexico early this morning. bill whitaker is in l.a. with details. bill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. according to the u.s. geological survey, this morning's quake was centered in a sparsely populated mountainous area about 75 miles
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west-southwest of a oaxaca city. the quake occurred around 3:30 a.m. eastern time measured a magnitude 6.2 on the richter scale. and was recorded at a depth of six miles. now, while the quake was felt as far away as mexico city, there have been no reports of injuries or damage. buildings were evacuated and residents have been asked to check their homes for cracks. jeff? >> bill whitaker in l.a. this morning. thank you very much. attorney general eric holder arrived in afghanistan this morning, the first time an american attorney general has visited there. holder's meeting with officials to discuss fighting corruption in afghanistan and how to improve the country's justice support. general petraeus's nomination is expected to approved by the full senate today. yesterday they voted in favor of
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his petraeus following his testimony but petraeus warned lawmakers that progress in afghanistan will be slower than it was in iraq. abby sunderland says she's disappointed she had to abandon her attempt to be the youngest to sail around the world. abby's parents, of course, have been criticized for allowing her to take such a dangerous trip but abby says she was well prepared. >> growing up on boats and feeling, you know, that you know what to do in case of an emergency, it really helps. i mean, there's definitely been times when i was terrified. >> abby says she might try again but her next goal is getting a driver's license. by the way, abby has a new baby brother. her mother gave birth yesterday morning and named him him paul luis. a baseball fan found out the hard way why you should pay attention the at stadium. this is a good one.
7:15 am
guy on his cell phone out there, ground rule double comes up, not paying attention because he's on the phone. oops. you've got to go hand-free at the game, right? >> absolutely. >> that seems like the right thing to do. >> idiot. >> we'll never -- >> how do you really feel? >> harry not pleased. >> watch yourself. >> let's get cooler heads to prevail. i'll take
7:16 am
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16 minute past the hour on a very busy weather day. that's our first look this morning, folks. >> thanks very much, dave. coming up, larry king on hanging up his su spendespender. we talked with him first after the surprise announcement. plus, somebody is watching you. in fact, a lot of cameras watching you. what you need to know about the surveillance cameras which seem to be everywhere today and how to protect your privacy. a candid interview with elizabeth edwards. she talks about her cheating husband and her daily battle with stage four cancer.
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because he had an all-night radio show on the mutual radio network, and he did both for a while, because there were -- you know, is this really going to work or not? 25 years later, it seemed to work out. >> he did radio and tv show for a very long while. >> yeah. >> and he's talked to just about everybody under the sun. 50,000 interviews is what he's done? >> that's what they say. that's a lot. >> maybe that's counting repeat customers. >> 10,000 of those with frank sinatra. >> good stuff. his book that came out last year was fascinating. >> great stuff. >> fascinating guy. >> we'll get pore information on what's coming up next right here on "the early show." >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by aveeno, the beauty of nature and science. imaginthat kind of vitality... your skin. [ female announcer ] aveeno introduces ageless vitality. as skin ages, elastin fibers break down. this exclusive bio-mineral concentrate system has active naturals ingredients shown to multiply elastin's elements.
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hi, marty, we started out the morning with an accident
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involving an mta bus -- you can avoid the area by taking lock raven. meantime, a new accident and a reck on 83 at northbound, shawan road and another one at nottingham and one more on bay hill drive and an accident in the inner section and speaking of delays, there's the drive times and the speeds on the beltways. there's a look at shawan and 95. this is brought to you by friendlies. all the made fresh and grilled fresh. oh, that looks good. thank you, and the bus accident sent four to the hospital overnight and the mta bus hit several vehicles. >> reporter: good morning, mta says that the bus driver either fell asleep or blacked out and four passengers were also sent to the hospital with nonlife threat. ing injuries. and it was about 2:30 when the
7:27 am
accident happened and by hitting one car, it caused a domino effect. the driver is being drug tested now, which is standard procedure. and mta says that the exact cause of the crash is under investigation. and thank you, and a man accused of setting his exgirlfriend's house on fire is in custody. he was blamed for yesterday's fire. and the police tracked him to his home where he barricaded himself inside. he's facing a laundry list of charges. >> there and the people opposed to the gambling parlor at arundel mills is taking their fight to the court. they're challenging the zoning fort court. the smith island cake is one of the 5th fattiest foods in america.
7:28 am
it has 26-grams of fat. my, but it's still good. >> stay with us. and up next, surveillance ,,,,,
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getting things started here on a wednesday morning. welcome back to "the early show."ednesday morning. some friends out on the plaza waiting for us. it's a little cooler, as dave price told us. that's just what you need this morning, don't you? >> i like it. >> there you go. look at harry's smile. you know what else we have this morning? >> please. >> surveillance cameras. >> they are everywhere. >> you are on camera so many places, harry smith, that you don't even know about. here in new york city, 5,000 of these babies alone. so, there's been so much talk about how to help solve crime but also serious privacy issues being raised, so we'll take a look at both sides of this hot-button issue. ultimate ultimately, are you more safe or
7:31 am
giving up a little? and elizabeth edwards is speaking out about how she wants to start a new chapter in her life. she opens up about her estranged husband john and reveals how she's not giving up, despite having stage four cancer. first, though, the end of an era. cnn's larry king says he is going to hang up his suspenders after 25 years of his prime time show. cbs news correspondent jim axelrod has the story. >> reporter: after roughly 50,000 interviews with virtually every world leader -- >> congratulations on 25 wonderful years. >> reporter: newsmaker -- >> larry, you're being inappropriate. >> reporter: and celebrity. >> you are so shady. >> look at us, we're adorable. >> reporter: larry king broke some news himself, announcing he would end his quarter century run this fall. >> 25 years ago i sat across this table from new york
7:32 am
governor mario coupuomo for the first broadcast of "larry king live" and now 25 years later i told the guys that i would like to end -- >> reporter: the 76-year-old king says he felt no pressure from cnn to leave. >> i want to do other thing. i'm going to do specials, mini specials for cnn. >> reporter: cbs news was the first to speak to him just after his show. >> yeah, bittersweet. it was my decision. i'm glad i made it. but it was hard to talk to staff. i know down the road i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: king says he wants to spen more time with his family. he's been married eight times to seven different waem aomen and y politic with current wife. she have since reconciled. he's known for his direct but nonconfrontational style. he says he always tried to keep it simple. >> i never presume what my guests would say. i listen to answers, i ask short questions, left my ego at the door and i had a motto through
7:33 am
my whole career is i never learned anything when i was talking. that's true to this day. >> reporter: king was recently entered into the guinness book of world records for hosting the longest running show on the same network in the same time slot. at for his successor -- >> if it was up to me, i would have ryan seacrest do it. >> reporter: whoever gets the job, they won't be easy suspe suspenders to fill. howard kurtz, media reporter for "the washington post." he joins us from washington. howard, good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> there were rumors about this and all kinds of ideas and speculation about it for months and months now. whose decision is this, really, as best you can tell? >> i think larry probably would have departed cnn next year when his contract was up. let's not forget, his ratings have declined by almost half in the last year. i think he wanted to walk away
7:34 am
in his own time. he having people call in, presidents, politicians come on, none of that had been done before but he was aen institution woes time had passed. he came to recognize that with the family problems, ratings problems and maybe just a sense at 76 it was time to move on. >> have you spoken to him in the last 4 hours? >> i spoke to him last night, i interviewed him. >> what did he say in. >> he talked about his 25th anniversary a few weeks ago. he interviewed president obama, lady gaga, bill gates and lebron james. he said, i ain't going to talk this. he says, i ain't going to top this and maybe it was time to move on to another chapter in his life. as jim axelrod noted, not a confrontational interviewer but he made his guests feel comfortable. >> that is so true. you have to think about cnn in it's infancy 25 years ago. this is the guy who put cnn on the map. >> absolutely. particularly, harry, in 1992 when ross perot essentially launched his candidacy on "larry
7:35 am
king live" then bill clinton went on, and first president bush. we take this for granted now, they all go on "the daly show," leno and letterman but at the time it was a way of circumventing the washington press corps. >> very interesting. so who replaces him, then? i moon, there is -- is there -- there is no succession, so to speak. not that someone has been groomed within cnn to replace him. >> absolutely not. i don't think cnn wanted to pick up the newspaper and have larry read they were grooming a succe successor. i've heard about piers morgan, ryan seacrest, katie couric. but is there room in bipartisan cable tv universe for this type
7:36 am
of universe where you're talking to a president one day and lady gaga the next? losing ratings to rachel maddow on krns. >> thanks for coming on. >> you bet. >> you know who would be good? >> dave price. >> i think he'd be great. >> i called cnn last night and you know what i told them? i'm pulling myself out of contention. >> really? >> this is my home. you're looking at it. >> thanks for staying with us. >> w
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you want a great place to be today? chicago. nothing but sunshine along lake michigan. 73 degrees. oh, and linkin park. harry, erica. >> let's go. >> i'm in. up next, are they an invasion of your privacy or a great way to keep you safe and help solve crimes? a great debate over surveillance cameras playing out right here on "the early show." we're part of nature, and as we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves. it's a selfish thing to want to protect nature. i never intended to be a businessman. we made the world's best climbing equipment out of here. we realized that putting in and taking out of all these pitons was causing damage to the rock. so, i made these little soft aluminum chalks that you just put in with your fingers. and i'm a dam buster. we've been working for years to take this dam out. the reservoir behind it is only 4 feet deep--
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law enforce mentdment official the around the world rely on a growing number of surveillance cameras to help solve crimes.wing number of do more cameras mean more protection or less privacy? susan koeppen has been digging into this one. good morning. >> good morning. whether we're in malls, hotels, public parks or on the street, it's a good chance wherever you go a surveillance camera is close by. >> reporter: mystery still shrouds joran van der sloot's involve many in the missing of
7:42 am
natalee holloway, there's little question he was involved with the death of stephany flores. video shows van der sloot and flores entering his hotel together, but van der sloot was the only one to ever leave. law enforcement agencies say surveillance cameras have become a valuable crime-fighting weapon, like the infamous cryingslist killer, identified on hotel surveillance. and the bombings in mumbai and london, suspects brought to justice after their images were caught on tape. the department of homeland security has provided $1 billion to cities and towns to install cameras in public places. in new york city more than 5,000 cameras are monitored by the nypd. police commissioner raymond kelly wants even more. >> believe it acts as a deterrent. if something happens, it provides us with a record. or potentially provides us with information. >> reporter: like this case in
7:43 am
january. police tapped into surveillance cameras after a 911 stabbing call. they were able to follow this suspect until officers could make an arrest. >> it was two minutes after he left the building, so that was a case of really-time monitoring that paid off. >> reporter: but the rise of electronic eyes has critics. >> these cameras are completely unregulated, rarely a discussion about whether it's appropriate to put a camera up. they're simply installed. we think that's slowly eroding the way people act in public. >> reporter: it's not just public places where cameras are roll pentagon. this couple was filmed by a police helicopter during a romantic moment on a private balcony. they had no idea they were being taped. >> they actually watched the couple in the embrace and candidly, this is frequently what happens with video footage. >> reporter: experts say there are so many surveillance cameras, there are too many to count. you never know when somebody somewhere will be watching. right now you're watching me in times square in new york city.
7:44 am
and this is outside famed wrigley field in chicago. the website has a surveillance camera set up. anyone, anywhere can watch live. >> like all these people here. they probably have no idea that they're on camera. we sent a crew to the ballpark to ask folks how they felt about being watched? >> it's kind of scary but that's technology. i guess that's the way the world is now. >> reporter: grab that family for me. this is susan koeppen from "the early show." i'm watching you right now. does that freak you out? >> i don't mind. that's just another set of eyes watching my kids for me. >> it's interesting. people often want to give up their privacy rights in the abstract. would you really like that embarrassing incident, you know, time when you said, oh, i hope nobody saw that, captured on a video camera, placed on the internet and then suddenly the answer changes. >> reporter: whether you like it or not, one thing is for sure, cameras aren't going anywhere any time soon. the eye in the sky will be watching.
7:45 am
>> that's the way the world is these days. i don't think there's any real turning back. >> and people on both sides of this debate point to the case of the failed times square car b b bomber. commissioner kelly said the surveillance cameras tracked the car. aclu says despite dozens of cameras, no clear image was caught on tape. >> you can make it work, whatever side you're rooting for. there has been polling done overall. >> a majority of americans say they're fine with it. they like the cameras in place. we've been counting, looking at the studio to see where surveillance cameras are in our studio. i've counted three so far, right? >> yeah, i think we were told there's three. that's just in the studio. i mean, they really are everywhere. >> everywhere. >> it's easy to forget. but -- especially you said, what, 5,000 in new york city alone? >> yeah, that they're
7:46 am
monitoring, the police department is monitoring. >> there might be more. >> might be more. >> thanks. still to come, elizabeth edwards is speaking out about her children, her cancer and of course her estranged husband john. this is "the early show" on cbs. oh...
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are you kidding me? so now the stains are magically gone. and my sister passes on her jeans to me. what a life. [ female announcer ] get your three dollar coupon at today. elizabeth edwards is speaking out a little more now. of course she and john edwards are separated. she's talking about what's next for her, next for the future and also weighing in about how she feels about her husband these days. they're separated, not officially divorced. more coming up. this is "the early show" on cbs. hey! [ tires screech ] [ female announcer ] when business travel leaves you drained, re-charge with free high-speed internet and free hot breakfast. comfort suites. power up. two times with comfort suites or any choice hotel, you can feed a family of four. book now at
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7:55 am
>> this is i-95 downtown. a lot of traffic into the city from. sharon will update the traffic after the first warning weather. >> >> this is a beautiful day's start. absolutely delightful. we'll go for a high of gosh, 82 today. four below normal and humidity isn't a factor. >> >> hi, there, marty, it's been busy and now the traffic is standing still on i-95. this is because of an accident on i-95 southbound. only the right lane gets by. and a back upto the bridge.
7:56 am
that will take you 21 minutes to get through. second accident, at russell street, that's on the road island shoulder and a new one in phoenix. that's on route 144. and that's close between sunny brook road and the ultimate sunny brook is -- there's a wreck at york road and eastern parkway. the slowest spot is 95 and 37. this is brought to you by bill's carpet. brand name floors and discount prices. thank you, and sharon mentioned we have more on it. the mta bus crash sent four passengers to the hospital. here's the latest. >> reporter: don, mta says that the bus driver either fell asleep or blacked out. four passengers were sent to the hospital and it was about 2:30 this morning when the
7:57 am
driver went north and hit a parked car and that caused a domino effect. severely damaged eight cars in total and he's drug tested now. tow trucks took away all of the cars. some were complete alitoaled. -- complete alitoaled. two passengers were locked inside the train station yesterday until another employee unlocked the door. bge isn't allowed to install smart meters. they said they would save customers money, but according to a report, they're not enough. enough. and stay with us, up next, a ,,
7:58 am
if i were a customer,
7:59 am
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8:00 am
enthusiastic crowd out here on the plaza on a gorgeous summer morning. >> it's even a little chilly. >> you have a little wrap on. >> yes. it's kind of nice. talk about a change from the last two days. >> i could go for a breakfast wrap right now. speaking of wrap. >> well, maybe in the next break. see what we can dig up for you. >> thank you. welcome back to the "early show." i'm harry smith along with erica hill and dave price. coming up the new hero of american soccer, landon donovan, ladies and gentlemen, just back
8:01 am
from the world cup where he helped the u.s. team finish ahead for the first time in 80 years. we'll talk about the heart-stopping last-second goals and the future of soccer in america. >> hopefully drumming up a little more excitement in support for it. plus a revealing interview with elizabeth edwards about her husband john. they are still married. does she ever plan to get divorced? that question and answer. they are separated now. and her thought on her ongoing battle with cancer, their children and hearing from their oldest daughter kate. >> all that coming up in the next action-packed hour. inside we go, jeff glor at the news desk with a check of this morning's headline. good morning, sir. >> dave, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. most of the oil spill clean-up operations in the gulf are on hold this morning thanks to hurricane alex. alex is south of the blown out well but churning the gulf waters with 12-foot waves. the storm is expected to reach the texas/mexico coastline by later tonight or tomorrow and don teague is on south padre
8:02 am
island off the texas coast. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. as i think you can see, we're already feeling the effects on south padre island. pouring rain for the last half hour. the winds have come up as well. nothing like what we're expecting later this eerng. they're expecting at least tropical storm force winds here in south texas. the brunt of this category 2 hurricane, though, is supposed to go into mexico. that's what they're hoping for here but they're preparing for the worst. we saw yesterday businesses boarding up, people doing voluntary evacuations deciding they didn't want to stay out here, particularly on this barrier island, moving to points inland, which is tough on the economy here in a holiday week, or what they expected to be a holiday week. at the same time, that oil spill clean-up is also being affected by this. you can't boom or skim or burn oil off the surface with the rough seas that we're seeing in the gulf of mexico right now. it's also causing problems at the coast where they're trying
8:03 am
to build sand berms and trying to do sandbagging operations. so, this storm is really a problem. in fact, a federal state of emergency already declared here in texas, as everyone watches to see exactly where hurricane alex goes. jeff? >> don teague on south padre island, texas, thank you so much. no reports of injury or serious damage from the earthquake that struck southern mexico earlier this morning. the 6.2 magnitude quake was centered 200 miles south of mexico city. it shook buildings and sent resident running into the street. a new survey looks at the punishing toll the recession has taken on american workers. more than half of the nation's working adults, 55%, say they suffered unemployment, a cut in pay or reduced hours. pew research says 6 in 10 americans have cut down on borrowing or spending. elena kagan faces more
8:04 am
questions. yesterday she worked around tough questions and she showed a sense of humor when senator lindsey graham asked her this -- >> i just ask you were at on christmas. you know, like all jews, i was probably at a chinese restaurant. >> great answer. >> barring a major mistake, legal experts believe kagan will win confirmation. back outside. now another check with mr. dave price. how are we doing, dave? >> how are you, jeff? harry smith, harry smith just making appearances. the official ambassador of "the early show." >> that's right, that's right. >> and, har harry just met his biggest fan 37 your favorite person on the whole show is who? >> harry. >> how old were you when you became a harry smith fan? >> i don't know, 6 or 7. >> what is it about harry smith
8:05 am
that really get to you as a viewer? >> i don't know. he's just so cool. i love his enthusiasm. >> oh, yes. >> are we talking about the same harry smith? >> i think so, yes. >> which one is that? >> him. >> that's the man from the lineup. well, nice to see you. i'm glad you got to meet harry. i love your en all right, good morning. it's a superday's start.
8:06 am
i mean, it's great outside right now. 71 degrees outside and humidity isn't a factor. taking a look at the day. a pleasant, spring afternoon. passing shade clouds and low humidity and a high temperature of 82. 67 is the overnight low and tomorrow, mostly sunny and a pleasant day and normal, 86, 82 friday and steamy, hot and ttti÷ >> announcer: this weather ttti÷ report sponsored by comfort inn. after a long day of vacation, relax with comfort inn. and that's a quick look at your weather headlines. erica, we will send it in to you. >> thanks. elizabeth edwards is talking in detail about her split with her husband, former presidential candidate, john edwards, as well as her battle with stage four cancer. edwards spoke with "people" magazine. executive editor betsy glick is here with a lot of details.
8:07 am
good to have you with us this morning. >> hi. >> she talked specifically about heir relationship and the fact they are separated now, she and john edwards. they're not going to get divorced. what was the most revealing thing that came out of that conversation about her relationship, do you think? >> she's trying to give him a little rope to run with. it's amazing. she says, we're not going to get divorced unless he wants to get remarried. she's not thinking about whether she's going to get remarried, but she has this sort of realistic vision of what his new life might be like. >> she actually talks a little about that new life. at one point in the interview she's discussing these rumors he's been at bars, flirting with women. she seems very -- sort of blase about the whole thing. >> she gives a revealing answer there. there were tabloid reports he was out at bars. she does not know that. she says he lived with someone who was disappointed in him. now he's having fun meeting women who don't have big expectations of him. >> do they still speak on a regular basis?
8:08 am
what kind of relationship is there right now? >> not only do they still speak, they're co-parenting. they have three children, two are re little and they're going to a family trip to japan next month. >> all five of them? or the four of them. >> i believe the two little children, kate edwards is not going. the four of them. she even says, i mean, of course the sleeping arrangements are going to be different -- >> which is great for the kids, of course, to have both their parents around. >> that's right. >> she also talks about john's daughter with his mistress. elizabeth edwards bought a christmas gift for quinn. for most that would seem a little strange. why did she do that? >> she says this is just what one parent does for the other parent, make sure the child has bought a christmas gift. >> and so to her that seemed normal, something i would do for any of my children? >> yes. >> interesting. her oldest daughter, kate, who's
8:09 am
28. obviously this affects her in many different ways than the younger kids who are 10 and 12. she's speaking out to "people" for the fi time. >> that's right. as part of our story kate wrote a small piece about her admiration of her mother and her mother's strength and grace under pressure. kate does not go very far in the direction of speaking about sort of any anger she might have towards her parents or anger about the breakup. kate has her own relationship with her father. loves her father. kate also shoots down those rumors that were out there a little while ago that if something were to happen to elizabeth that kate would have custody of the children. kate and elizabeth both firmly deny that report. >> it's interesting. i do want to pull out a little bit of what she said here. what kate wrote for you. there are things she taught about words, speaking of elizabeth, how to continue to live your life on your own terms when it somehow becomes savaged by people you never invited into it.
8:10 am
that's an interesting word choice, savaged. >> yes. elizabeth does not go into great detail in our story about the events of the last year in terms of these other book tas came out about her. but we know she has told us that she does spend a fair amount of energy trying to kind of rebutt each point, point by point. that she feels lies have been published and, clearly, kate does as well. >> ten seconds left. i know she talks about she wants at least another eight years? >> that's right. she talks about her health in quite a bit of detail. it's not great. but she's hoping she can see her children through school. >> all right. betsy, great to have you with us this morning with those details. you can read the entire interview in the new issue of "people" magazine. new hope for patients with one of the deadliest forms of cancer. we'll have those details for you when we return. this "the early show" on cbs. ♪ haha, here already? i got another 300 miles in me. sure you do, honey. come on guys, give me a hand.
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8:14 am
in this morning's "healthwatch," some good news in the fight against pancreatic cancer. our dr. jennifer ashton is here with information about a promising, listen now, vaccine. morning. >> good morning, harry. the statistics are really terrifying. 75% of those diagnosed with p pancreatic cancer die within the first year and the five-year survival rate is only 5%. a clinical trial at johns hop kins is teaching a patient's immune system to recognize and fight the cancer. >> usual this morning? >> usual. >> reporter: in 2003 ron went to his doctor complaining much a mild pain in his abdomen. after a series of tests they were told he had pancreatic cancer. >> i had no idea what pancreatic cancer was. joanne and i got on the
8:15 am
internet, looked it up, scared us to death. it was nothing but bad news. it was a death sentence. it was, you might have as much as six weeks to a year. >> reporter: ron had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. when he found out about a clinical trial of a new pancreatic vaccine, he jumped at the chance to get in. now every six months ron receives a series of injections of a vaccine. >> essentially trying to have the immune system recognize pancreas cancer as being foreign. >> reporter: dr. dan says the rack seen, which is kept in this subzero freezer, is actually made from pancreatic cancer tumor tas are been radiate sod they're harmless. the cells are genetically engineered so the immune system sees them as an enemy and attacks the cancer. >> the idea is once the immune system now recognizes cancer cells as being foreign, they have potentially the ability to recognize cancer at any time point and kill them before they
8:16 am
have a chance to -- >> reporter: to spread? >> to spread. >> reporter: it's been seven years now since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he's beaten the odds. he was tested in may and got very good news. your latest c.a. tnct. scan sho any spread? >> zero. >> reporter: he's glad he got into the trial and is a mentor for others with the disease. so when people call you and say, is this a death sentence? >> i tell them, no, it's not a death sentence. if they've been told it's a death sentence, get that second opinion. there is hope out there. >> now, doctors at johns hopkins caution this trial is in its early stages and much more work needs to be done but they're hopeful in time the vaccine will become an effective tool in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. >> how many years, seven years? >> that's right. >> he went through the regular
8:17 am
protocals and then the vaccine was administered. we think of vaccines as something that's a preventive. >> we'll be hearing more about this immunotherapy to treat cancer, often used in conjunction with standards, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, so you can help protect not only the return of the cancer but prevent spread. >> this was used specifically for pan creakre pancreatic canc. what they've learned is it able to be generalized? >> absolutely. we'll hear a lot about it. coming up, a sneak peek at this week's "big brother" contestants. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by nicorette sucks. they make it suck less, doubling your chances of success. what you did at this morning's meeting? that was pure poetry.
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[ female announcer ] splenda®.
8:20 am
it's been called the toughest reality show on tv. what kind of person does it take to play "big brother"? our julie chen, of course, host of the show, gives us an exclusive first look at this st season's new house guests. ♪ >> reporter: here they are, the 13 men and women who are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime without ever leaving the house. that's because it's the "big brother "house where they're locked away from the outside world all summer long in a fierce competition for the half million dollar grand prize. >> they'll see me and be like, that's just a hot chick with big boobs from vegas and i'm going to shock them. i'm not going to tell anyone i'm smart, i have a degree in chemistry. >> really, really obnoxious people get on my nerves. >> i have all of those terrible qualities like, i'm very manipulative and i'm very opinionated, an outspoken person. i can be a little ko naiving.
8:21 am
>> i come off as smart and sweet and charming. i can play dirty and i will stab you in the back in a heart beat. >> tell me about the hot looking guys this summer in the "big brother" house. >> we have hot guys this summer. we have haydon from arizona, a snowboarder, baseball player, all-around just single, nice guy. we've got brendan, who is our high school swim coach. and also getting his ph.d. >> i'm definitely not going into the house telling everybody i'm a physician cydoctor. >> we have our podiatrist. we've never had an orthodox ju in the house. he keeps coakosher and keeps sa bath. >> if there was a competition on that saturday, i'm not going to do it simpr. >> i told my wife, i might have to flirt a little. i tried to get her to agree, i might have to hook up but she
8:22 am
wouldn't go for that. >> i want this to be a life-changing experience for me. i'm from a small town in arkansas. to being out here is just craziness to me. >> i really think i'm just unstoppable. i don't think -- i think i'm the winner, i really do. >> i'm a genius, extremely intelligent, a member of mensa. >> hopefully i can hook up with the smart guys. >> i can discern between the real world and "big brother." i liken it to playing chess. if you checkmate me i'm not going to go, this is so unfair, i thought you were my friend, how can you do that? you can't be upset over stuff like that. that's what the game is. >> i'm going to be on "big brother"! i can't believe it. i'm so excited. >> the strategizing. the excitement begins next week. "big brother" premieres thursday, 8:00 p.m./7:00 central right here on cbs. now we send it over to harry. >> thanks very much, erica.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
today, we'll have a high of 82, let's send it over to sharon gibala. hi, there, marty, i wish you could say we're doing well on 95, but we're not. taking a look at this mess, this is caused by an accident at the harbor tunnel freeway. only the shoulder gets by. meantime, an accident in
8:26 am
phoenix, that's blocking merryman's mill road between sunny brook and court. and the alternate is sunny brook road. we have debris here and watch for the disabled vehicle here from the beltway on 95 and debris here. and that is past white haul road. the slowest spot, 34 miles per hour between 83 and 95. there's a live look at the 95 delay. this is brought to you by friendly'. >> back to you. >> frightening happens along an mta. the bus driver either fell asleep or blacked out when he hit the parked cars. passengers were also sent to the hospital.
8:27 am
it hit a parked car and it caused a domino effect damaging eight cars in total. he's drug tested now. the tow trucks took away almost all of the cars. mta says that the cause of the crash is still under investigation. mary mare kunts shot her husband a year ago, she's claiming insanity. a psychiatrist says she has depression and borderline personality disorder. a report released yesterday shows a wide range in lapses of spending. a navy spokesperson says that a factor was in the early retirement of the superintendent. and stay with wjz-13,
8:28 am
maryland's news station. up next, how to throw a 4th of july party on a budget and a preview of "eclipse." ,,,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
my notes for my next segment. >> good to have notes. it's good to be prepared. >> it is good to be prepared. or at least give the illusion of being prepared. welcome back to "the early show" on a lovely morning in new york city. >> beautiful day. coming up, a new american hero, landon donovan along to talk about his incredible world cup performance and the future of soccer in america. you love that landon donovan. >> good stuff. also ahead, fourth of july coming up this weekend, so if you're planning a picnic, maybe a little backyard barbecue, we
8:31 am
have some great ideas. amy goodman is here for a little magic for turning everything from bandanas, rubber bands into something special. >> speaking of something special, get ready to break out your raincoat and umbrella. the wacky mentos guy have a fancy toy, a rocket-powered car powered by mentos and coke zero. dave price an integral part to america's future. >> that's the only part we should be worried about. >> there you have it. first, young dave is here with some special guests. good morning, dave. >> oh, how about this, how about this, guys, yesterday he is with the president of the united states. today we have the winners of the america's cup right here with us.
8:32 am
big hand. jimmy, skipper of this boat. you won in valencia in 2010. tell us about this cup. >> it's a beautiful international sport, 159 years old and still looks fantastic for its age. yeah, man, we've got the team here. we're very excited to be here. glad to be in new york. >> oracle/bmw cooperating to make this whole thing together. what is that like when that boat is on its side and you feel like you can fall over or win the race, based on what you're doing? >> it's fantastic. it's the most exciting boat i've ever raced. one of those boats you can't wait to get up in the morning. >> we've seen this great resurgence of popularity with the world cup. are you hoping we own the america's cup again until 2013-14 when the competition happens, that people will get behind sailing, look at this and gain a new excitement for america's cup racing?
8:33 am
>> oh, definitely. we're looking forward to the next event, tv will be improved. it's going to be brought to the people. i think the viewers will really enjoy what they see. >> welcome and congratulations to everybody at oracle we're in the low 70s and low 80s at the high this day. just a few shade clouds and tonight, 57 and ten degrees cooler. clear, cool and 57 tomorrow. and 80, sunny and pleasant and the normal, 86. and the 4th of july weekend, check it out. saturday, sunday, and monday, gets hot and humid again. jimmy and crew, thanks for bringing us back the america's cup for the first time since r
8:34 am
1992. an honor to have you with us. harry, back inside to you. with three goals in the world cup, including a last-minute heart-stopper to secure a victory over algeria, landon donovan has solidified his status as man of all matches for the u.s. we're pleased to welcome him back to the states and here to the studio for "the early show." good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> what a run. is it real, surreal? is there some pain at being back in the united states? >> there's pain for us because we're competitors. and we're american and we want to win. but at the end of the day, now that i've been back for 24 hours and i walking the streets and realizing how excited people were, we're proud of what we've done. >> i want to talk about that u.s./ghana game, the most watched soccer game in the history of the united states. >> so cool, right? >> very cool to be part of. beginning of the game ghana comes out, they looked like they
8:35 am
were running like crazy. one of the commentators said, i'm not sure the u.s. is off the bus yet. did it feel like that on the field in the beginning? >> it's difficult when you go down a goal early because the momentum of the game is immediately in their favor. it wasn't good to go down a goal but i think our reaction was very good. as the game wore oshg we finally got the tying goal. i think if you asked anyone in the stadium at that point who was going to win, if anyone, it was us. >> it sure felt like the chances were on the united states' side, momentum had shifted. oh, to end up then tied at the end of regulation, go into an overtime period. they score again like that. then you're really behind the eight ball. >> it was deflating. when we went off the field, after regulation time, we kind of looked around and everyone looked like we still had a lot of energy. we looked at their sideline, everyone was lying on the ground, legs up in the air. we felt like at that point if we kept pushing we would get the goal and win the game.
8:36 am
immediately they score that goal and from there you've only got 20-some odd minutes to make something happen and we couldn't do it. >> take me back to the algeria game, take me back to a game-winner. it was a phenomenal chance that, my gosh, you had -- it was really a clear --s it a great breakaway and a great follow. it was almost basketball-like in the way it sort of came to be, following up with a slam dunk on your part. take me back to that. >> well, i put it in context of the entire game. looking back now, we realize how big of a moment that was for everybody. we've been through that situation a lot of times in our career where you're down a goal or you need to score a goal late, so it started with our goalkeeper, tim howard, catching a ball and making a good throw out. jozy altidore running wide, dempsey getting in front of the goal. any goal scorer will tell you you can't miss.
8:37 am
thankfully it came quickly so i didn't have to think about it much. the beauty of that goal was, it was such a team goal in that way. it was such an important goal. the next morning when we all got up, we went online and saw these incredible youtube videos of people back home following. so it felt like we were sharing it with everyone in the country, which was really cool. >> just as an observer note to u.s. soccer team, score first more often. how would that feel? >> i know, there's probably some jittery hearts throughout the tournament. >> oh, my golly. at the end of the game, you were doing an interview and you sent your love or blew a kiss. there was a gesture to your ex-wife. how important was she to the way you played through this world cup? >> well, i've known bianca for eight years. we have been and will always be best of friends. and my personal life, people who know me close know how much she's meant to this whole
8:38 am
process. i wouldn't be where i was on that day without her and i wanted to share that moment with her, which was really special. >> what's going to happen to you now? there are all kind of rumors about you and the premier league in the uk and chelsea want you and this team want you and that team want you. what's going to happen with you? >> throughout this whole world cup i've been insulated from that. i let my agent deal with that. now that i'm back i can start thinking about those thing, if there are real possibilities. for now, i head back to l.a. tonight. i'm excited to get back to my galaxy teammates and play on sunday. we'll see what the future holds. >> i bet they're selling a lot of tickets. >> we'll see. i hope so. >> great to see you. thank you so much for all the thrills and excitement. and really so enjoyed watching usa soccer. >> i really appreciate it. >> landon donovan. now here's erica. >> thanks. we're continuing our countdown to the fourth of july with creative ways for you to
8:39 am
save cash when throwing that big bash. amy goodman is editor of "all you" magazine. here's a few tips, the first one is a table runner made out of ban dan yeahs. >> they're super affordable, about $1 each. you simply take one bandana, light it flat, use fusing tape you can get at am you measure it to be the width of your bandana, layer it on top and use a hot iron. the fusing table seals it up and you use as many as you need for the length of your table. >> you could make this into a whole tablecloth if you wanted. >> i suppose you could. >> i love the bandana. you're also bringing it into play here to help make a little si silverware holder. >> you fold it into thirds so it makes an envelope. you flip it over. we're making a pocket so wr we can place our fork, fife and spoon into it. slips right in like so.
8:40 am
then you want to take any kind of between or pretty ribbon you may have around the house, you would actually tie this in the back. >> did you actually -- i'm not sure we can get quite this close, but you took just a fun button and wrapped it on a string around the between for something extra? >> yes, for the patriotic red, white and blue, we have our cute star. you can use any button going along with our color scheme, red, blue, anything you have to add a little extra something. >> that's the easiest pocket i've ever seen. >> and super cute. if you're doing something on a budget, even if you pay attention to the small details, no one will know. >> it looks like a lot more than it is. mason jars, which i love. these are so fun for different thing. using them as a glass is a great idea. >> mason jars, you usually use them for jamming or preserving jellies. here we you them for lemonade. the rubber band, each guest is assigned a different color.
8:41 am
the idea being you keep using your same glass without having to use several glasses -- >> sort of like the wine charm. >> yes. i like adding fresh mint from the garden. it gives you a nice little touch. >> you can also use a mason jar, you say, as a little votive holder, candle holder. >> absolutely. we're going to dress it up. we've taken a two-inch strip of fabric, any kind of remnant fabric around your home. you simply glue stick it to the middle of your mason jar. to that we're adding a little ribbon. you can use any ribbon you may have around your house. cute little pinking hears. he'll add a bow to give it flair -- >> you just tie it around. >> between, raffia, anything you may have in your craft closet. >> they all work. i notice you've got some on the lid here. is that because you're sending it home? >> yes. you put your votive inside. you glue stick it on. at the end of the evening if you don't want to stuck with 12
8:42 am
votive mason jars, you send this home with your friend. >> for a lajer one it makes a nice centerpiece. >> we have the large mason jar. slice -- sdwro we have very thin slices of lemon. we created a layer. in the middle we popped in whole lemons. the idea being the whole lemons in the middle actually hold everything together. >> got ya. >> so, that's a great -- there you go. to that we add a nice arrangement of flowers. grab the water. you place this simply in the middle, give it -- sometimes you have to work a little around the lemon. >> i love the color here. it's so bright and colorful, which is great. there's your centerpiece. >> yes. >> now we have our centerpiece. on our table i know you have other treats for us on the picnic table that's ready to go. >> everything is beautifully come together. i love the melamine plates which are $1 at target. these are so great when you have kids because they don't break.
8:43 am
>> which is key. >> a trick for our cake server. instead of buying an expensive cake stand, we overturned a coffee cup, added a white plate and these are sew easy to do, these cones. you melt down milk chocolate, brush it with a pastry brush and kids sprinkle them. and a -- for you that you've dressed your table you can dress yourself very patriotically. this is from faded glory, a $5 tote. all the flip-flops, $3 each. you put them together in a great little bag. as guests get tired, they get to put on cute footwear. >> i'm going to come to you and your party with all of these great things. >> and we can chow down later. >> great to have you with us. for pore on these tips logon to our website all right, air kashgs those mentos guys have done it first. they caused an internet sensation by mixing diet coke
8:44 am
with a whole bunch of mentos and now they've gone to a whole new level. they have developed a rocket car powered by coke zero and mentos. it is the brainchild of the found rz of the he-berd group. dy say that right? >> that's right. >> fritz and steven, good morning, guys. nice to have you here. when you were on the show several years ago and you created this wonderful, almost like a fourth of july display. >> exactly. >> with all of the diet coke and mentos and everything else. this has gone to a level of creativity that's almost -- it's spell-binding, breathtaking. >> thank you. what we have is we have our mentos nozzle delivery system. each -- >> this is much more sophisticated than what you had prior. >> exactly. >> we've gone a few round -- a few version improvements. each nozzle is loaded with six mentos held up by it pin. if we pull the pin out --
8:45 am
>> stand by. one of the things we want to talk about because you have a me in. -- mento and people say, why does it fizz so much? >> it's not the chemicals. it's just the rough smooth of the mentos. mike soppicly there are hundreds of thousands of bumps on them because they spray them with liquid sugar for the sugar. but it allows the co2 to gather. >> the tesla battery car had its initial public offering yesterday. people are crazy for this. they're thinking about hydrogen, alternative fuels. might this be the key to america's energy future? >> i think this is what we need to be thinking about. coke zero and mentos, definitely. >> still in development. we want to show how this works. i want to let everybody know, dave price, known as dr. science
8:46 am
here, has bravely decided that he will, in fact, be the drive of the rocket car. you ready? you ready in. >> yes, harry, i'm ready. >> we just want to show a little experiment one more time so folks at home will get a little idea. mentos and the delivery system -- may i pull it -- >> that would be great. i'm going to pull this. >> and the wind goes this way. watch. are you ready? here we go. nicely done. >> really well done. >> that's the power we're harnessing to drive this vehicle. >> exactly right. how many containers of coke zero, how many mentos. >> 108 two-lighter bottles of coke zero, 648 mentos. >> your scientific staff behind you. how about they head that way and let's get the vehicle ready for the great launching of the coke
8:47 am
zero/mentos rocket right here on fifth avenue. >> yes. >> the street has been blocked off. we have an entire city block. we have -- dave, you make notice, we actually have police and medical personnel standing by at the end of the block should there be any unfortunate results. >> thank you, hae. thank you. >> what do we need to do to get this thing -- >> we do a countdown. we'll count you down and there you go. >> dave, are you secure? are you ready? >> yes, harry, i am ready. now, this is -- how many bottle bottles once again? >> 108 bottles of coke zero, 648 mentos candies. >> all right. >> hae, i love you man, if i don't make it. >> this is very reminiscent of chug yeager in the experimental spacecraft that led to the space program. go ahead, do the countdown. >> steven, ready? >> ready. >> daye, ready? >> ready!
8:48 am
>> matt, ready? >> ready. >> through, two, one, pull, release! ♪ >> brake, brake. there we go. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh! >> harry, if i had just had a couple of seconds more, i was going to parallel park and step into bergdorf goodman. >> wow. >> oh, my, the thrill, it is incredible. >> what was the -- what kind of speed are we talking about there? gentlemen, that thing -- >> we were going at about 18 miles per hour, like a rocket. >> how fast did it go? >> we think about 18 to 20. >> i mean, this thing moved! i was waiting to hear from mission control in houston. >> that was very impressive.
8:49 am
>> that was a blast. >> thank you very, very much. that's impressive. >> i'm thirsty. how about a dike coke or a mento. >> we'll take a break and be back with more of "the early show" right after this. ,,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
8:51 am
there's the instant replay. cue feel the g-forces as this thing propelled down fifth avenue? >> oh, absolutely. i felt like i was six times the weight of a two liter. >> now, the only other consideration is the environmental protection agency is wondering about the mix of diet coke and mentos and is this now a superfund site? >> this is -- we've done this
8:52 am
mixture, as you can imagine all the fountains, a number of places and it's a remarkably benign -- it's almost all water. a little sugar from the mentos and the co2 goes up. it's very safe. >> if you can do that with this kind of a vehicle, is there any limit to what mentos and diet coke can do? >> i think no. >> we're thinking maybe -- >> what about pop rocks, what about pop rocks? >> oh, expandi expanding. >> didn't go too well for mikey, we all know that. sounds dangerous. >> dave is a professional. >> gentlemen, thanks for coming back. good job, dude. have a great day, vb. your local news is next. ,,,,
8:53 am
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>> well, i tell you what, last let's look at the forecast today. i feel like it's spring out there. 82 is the high this day, we'll have shade clouds only. clear, cool and 57 tonight. and form, just 80 -- and tomorrow, just 80, the normal, 86. back to normal by friday and by the weekend, sunny, hot and humid.
8:56 am
89, 93 and 95, saturday through monday. in the news, four have boarded the mta bus and have been taken to the hospital overnight. andrea fujii is on the story. >> reporter: don, mta says that the bus driver blacked out or fell asleep. and four bus passengers were sent to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. it was about 2:30 when the driver was going north and hit a parked car and caused a domino effect. he's being drug tested now. that's standard procedure. the tow trucks took away most of the cars. and the mta says that the cause of the crash is under investigation. don, back to you. more passenger problems for the marc train riders. two arrived at the station and
8:57 am
a manager closed it 15 minutes early. they were locked inside for about 20 minutes. mary kuntz was in a fog the night of the murder, she said. she said she shot and killed her estranged husband a year ago and she says she's not responsible because she's mentally ill. a psychiatrist says she has depression. a man intentionally set his exgirlfriend's house on fire. he's blamed for the blaze in northwest baltimore yesterday morning. they tracked him to his home in the area and he barricaded himself inside. he surrendered peacefully. national baseball hall of famer cal ripken jr. will be in town.
8:58 am
the foundation is rebuilding the ballpark on the site and on a smaller scale. a smaller scale. the city was demolished ,,,,
8:59 am


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